About Living Trust Plus®

About the Living Trust Plus® and the Elder Law Institute for Training and Education

The Living Trust Plus® is a proprietary asset protection trust for Middle Class Americans, and was created by asset protection expert and Certified Elder Law Attorney, Evan Farr.
The Living Trust Plus® is offered by Living Trust Plus® licensed attorneys in nearly two dozen states (and counting). Licensed Living Trust Plus® attorneys belong to the National Attorney Network called the Elder Law Institute for Training and Education (ELITE). ELITE educates, trains, and licenses attorneys across the United States so they may offer this revolutionary form of asset protection to their clients. ELITE strives to promote and maintain a strong national presence in order to connect potential clients with our licensed attorneys in their respective states.

Who is Evan Farr?

In private practice since 1987, Evan Farr is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the Country in the field of Medicaid Asset Protection and Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts. Evan has been named by SuperLawyers.com as one of the top 5% of Elder Law and Estate Planning attorneys in Virginia every year since 2007, and in the Washington, DC Metro Area every year since 2008. Evan is AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell, is named in the Best Lawyers in America, and has a 10 out 10 rating on Avvo.com. In 2011, Evan was named by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the top attorneys in the DC Metropolitan area, by Northern Virginia Magazine as one of the top attorneys in the Northern Virginia area, and by Newsweek Magazine as one of the top attorneys in the country.
Evan is a nationally renowned Best-Selling author and frequent educator of attorneys across the U.S. As an expert to the experts, Evan has educated tens of thousands of attorneys across the country through speaking and writing for organizations such as the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), the American Law Institute-American Bar Association (ALI-ABA), the National Business Institu te (NBI), the Virginia Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (VAELA), the Virginia Bar Association (VBA), Virginia Continuing Legal Education (Virginia CLE) , and the District of Columbia Bar Association. His publications include 4 National Best Selling books in the field of Elder Law: How to Protect Your Assets From Probate PLUS Lawsuits PLUS Nursing Home Expenses with the Living Trust Plus™ ; the Nursing Home Survival Guide, which provides valuable information and guidance to families dealing with the possibility of nursing home care and struggling to make the best decisions for themselves or their loves ones; and Protect & Defend, which Evan authored along with a host of other top attorneys across the country, and his latest book, Protecting Your Assets from Probate and Long-Term Care: Don’t Let the System Bankrupt You and Your Loved Ones. Evan has also authored dozens of articles that have appeared in the popular press, and numerous scholarly publications for the legal profession, including two legal treatises published by ALI-ABA: Planning and Defending Asset Protection Trusts and Trusts for Senior Citizens, and is also a monthly columnist for several legal journals: the Estate Planning Journal; Estate, Tax and Personal Financial Planning; and The Practical Lawyer.

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The Living Trust Plus™ Diagram: How it Works

Rich, poor, or somewhere in between, Americans cannot afford to ignore the potentially devastating costs of nursing home care and other types of long-term care. Nursing homes are the most expensive and most likely creditor that most Americans will face in their lifetimes. See our FAQ page for some eye-opening statistics.

A Revocable Living Trust Won't Protect Assets from Nursing Home Care and Other Creditors

A revocable living trust protects your assets from the expenses of probate, but does not protect your assets from the expenses of long-term care while you're alive. A revocable living trust can be designed to protect assets from the creditors of your beneficiaries after you die, but this does not help you while you're alive. A revocable living trust provides NO asset protection at all for you while you're alive. Since you have total access to the assets inside your revocable living trust, so do your creditors, including the most likely and most expensive creditor of all – nursing homes.

The Solution

In response to this problem, Certified Elder Law Attorney and Estate Advisor Evan Farr developed a unique solution – a special type of asset protection trust called the Living Trust Plus™ that functions very similarly to a revocable living trust and maintains much of the flexibility of a revocable living trust, but protects your assets from the expenses and difficulties of probate PLUS the expenses of long-term care while you're alive, PLUS lawsuits and a multitude of other financial risks during your lifetime.
The Living Trust Plus® Asset Protection Trust protects your assets from lawsuits, auto accidents, creditor attacks, medical expenses, and -- most importantly for the 99% of Americans who are not among the ultra-wealthy -- from the catastrophic expenses often incurred in connection with nursing home care. For most Americans, the The Living Trust Plus® is the preferable form of asset protection trust because, for purposes of Medicaid eligibility, this type of trust is the only type of self-settled asset protection trust that allows a settlor to retain an interest in the trust while also protecting the assets from being counted by state Medicaid agencies.
  • The Living Trust Plus® is a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
  • The Living Trust Plus® is a Veterans Asset Protection Trust
  • The Living Trust Plus® is a general Asset Protection Trust
Even though the The Living Trust Plus® is "irrevocable," it can still be terminated so long as the trustee and all of your beneficiaries agree to terminate it. Additionally, you retain a very high degree of control over your trust assets because:
  • you can be the trustee if desired;
  • you retain the right to receive all of the trust income;
  • ​you retain the right to live in and use your real estate;
  • ​you retain the right to change trustees; and
  • ​you retain the right to change beneficiaries.
If you are over 65 and still healthy and living at home, you owe it to yourself and your family to contact a licensed Living Trust Plus® attorney in your state. If you do not see an attorney listed for your state, don't worry. We are constantly expanding our network and recruiting the most qualified attorneys. If you are interested in the asset protection provided by the Living Trust Plus® but do not see an attorney near your city or town, please let us know (by filling out the form on the right side of this page) and we may be able to reach out to an attorney near you.
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